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BOOST Lee's Summit

is a community-wide effort to attract, create, support and accelerate new and existing businesses within the city of Lee's Summit and eastern Jackson County. An integrated, systematic community ecosystem, BOOST Lee's Summit connects you with the resources necessary for you to succeed.

BOOST Lee's Summit provides aspiring or current business owners...

24/7/365 first-point-of-contact access portal, providing step-by-step instructions from local business coaches and institutions on how to start and build companies.

Connectivity to investors and financial institutions for needed capital.

Access to important community support and a forum to communicate your specific needs in a safe structured environment.

Why BOOST...
How We BOOST...
Who Supports BOOST...

Lee's Summit aspires to be the exceptional environment for entrepreneurial growth and development; creating attractive opportunities for building sustainable business success for the community of Lee’s Summit and eastern Jackson County.

Our community firmly believes that many of tomorrow’s business success stories will come from the great ideas and the determination of entrepreneurs living and working in our area.

The fact is, when a business launches and grows from within our community,
it benefits us all.

BOOST Lee's Summit entrepreneur members will have access to an online learning program that lets them work at their own pace on their own schedule.

Businesses are exposed to a step-by-step interactive tutorial platform that will take their idea from its infancy to a legitimate revenue generating business.

This proven success model was created by successful entrepreneurs.

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